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If you are looking for a concise, full-series review of K Dramas that are available in the U.S., I am here to help! Please note that all of my reviews contain full series spoilers and follow this format:

Overall Rating: (Letter Grade Scale)
Subtitles: (Quick discussion of the strength of the English subtitles from Viki or Netflix)
Brief Synopsis: (Kween’s spoiler free synopsis)
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Ending Type: (Happy, Sad, Bittersweet, with the occasional rage machine)
Characters: (List of main characters with links to actor bios)
Full review: (Free form review of the drama)
High Points: (a quick recap of the strongest points of the drama)
Low Points: (a quick recap of any issues)

*5/13/2020 Update: For anyone who has read any reviews that were written before 5/13/2020 you’ll notice a change to the layout. I was finding that breaking down the characters and relationships as the bulk of the review was creating a lot of repetitiveness and redundancy and I was not finding a good way to express what I really wanted in all reviews. I’ve updated the format accordingly, and starting in June 2020 posts will now reflect the above format.

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